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John Frassica Sr. & Peter Casey

“We Love Them”
By John A. Frassica II

Waking up in the middle of the night, we turn and notice the space in bed next to us is empty. Startled for only a moment, we remember that they are at work: protecting the streets, responding to a fire, transporting a victim, giving out a call. We remember because, we saw her put on her vest, grab his gear and shine their badge. We stop…look to the sky and ask God to watch over them one more time, to protect them and bring them home to us the next day. We look out the window, check the front door to make sure it's locked again and look in on our children in their bedroom for a second time. We are the loved ones of first responders. We get angry with them when they leave their shoes in the hallway, drop their jacket on the dinning room chair, or forget to pick up juice on the ride home. We find it hard to drive our own vehicle without them pointing out the truck ahead or the car to our side. We can't figure out why it takes them so long to get dressed to go out for dinner, yet at the sound of a bell ringing or radio calling, they can be up and out in less than thirty seconds?? But…We love them. We love them for never questioning to step in the way of wrong, for crawling into a car accident and for giving out a call and knowing where those responders are at all times. We love them. We love that they stop even if they are not on duty, we love that they take time out of their day to check in on patients when they are not even on call. We love them. Our first responder is the only first responder on the scene when evil comes knocking. The only first responder when a building is burning. The only responder with a hurt child on a stretcher. The only first responder when they must explain CPR to a person over the phone who has never performed it before. We love them. And, although we get nervous when they are at work, we would never ask them to change what they love to do each day. They are first responders. They are police officers, firefighters, EMT's, dispatchers, they are first responders. But…they are also our wives, our husbands, our dads and moms, our sons and daughters, our brothers and sisters. They are our first responders…and We love them.